Magnet Wire

Winding wire 220 Class Magnet Wire, Available in Size of 0.3 to 5.0mm, Comply with NEMA Standard
Key Specifications/Special Features: 
1. Descriptions: 
Polyamide-imide coating on surface of polyesterimide film Good resistance to solvents, heat and fire, radiation and refrigerant, high cut-through temperature Suitable in high-speed and automatic wire winding
2. Range of magnet wire: From 0.3 to 5.0mm or 5 to 28AWG 
3. Standard and class: 
American standard: NEMA MW-35A 
International standard: IEC317-25
4. Used for electromagnetic winding, motor, high temperature transformer, electric tools, special electro motor, refrigeration compressor and oil immersed transformer

Product Origin: china
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Brand Name: LP

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